AD&D 2nd Edition

Everything I have for Second Edition

Everything 2nd Edition That I Own

Behold, the geekdom of my youth meets the geekdom of my present. This is a repository for all the 2nd Edition AD&D materials that I and my siblings have collected over the years. It is shameful to think that my brothers and I apparently had to have our own personal copies of the core rulebooks, as I ended up with all of it. There are four… FOUR friggin copies of the Player’s Handbook in my house.


There were only three of us, what the hell did we need a FOURTH one for?

Anyway, I’ll be slowly adding the content of these books to this site in the hopes that I will eventually have the entire library of information available from here, all cross-linked and handy-dandy. The plan is to get the three big ones in here first: The Player’s Handbook, which I just finished uploading, the Dungeon Master’s Guide, and the Monstrous Compendium. I have no plans as yet to go beyond that, but I’m just saying that there are plenty of other books in the collection I could add sitting here (Tome of Magic, Legends & Lore, The Complete [character class]’s Handbook[s], The Castle Guide, etc.) and I have an idea to somehow incorporate a character sheet maker on here, and possibly even start adding modules here too. I see the potential to run a tabletop session completely from this site, complete with dice generators, calculators, etc., but that is far into the future. For now, enjoy the PHB and, hopefully soon, the DMG.

Update 4/22/2015

Welp, the DMG and PHB are complete. I’m currently pondering what I want to do with the MC, since my initial idea was to have it set up like a catalog of sorts: something you could filter by treasure type, alignment, hit dice, etc. to make it really useful. Otherwise, it’d just be a list of monster descriptions and there are already sources like that out on the web that I’ve found that are FAAAAAAAR more extensive than my meager monster manual materials. Trouble is, I cannot find any Joomla extensions that do what I’m looking for (at least, no free or demo ones that I could find). I do not really intend to spend $50+ on a plugin just to find that it won’t let me add more than ten filters or something.

So, this has led me to start pondering learning how to code my very own extension for Joomla that’ll do what I need.

Update 11/1/2015

Well, as you can see, I’ve abandoned Joomla in favor of WordPress. Or, perhaps you didn’t notice, since nowhere on the front end of either version of this site does it indicate what CMS it’s using, does it? But anyway, I’m kinda done with Joomla! and am going to use WordPress from now on.

Now calm down, as Bill Hicks once said when he quit smoking “This ain’t ‘Dylan goes electric’, chill out.” I’ve been using WordPress more and more and Joomla less and less at work and have been learning the ins and outs of building sites using WordPress and doing it far faster than my progress was with Joomla, so I’m going to move the site here, especially now that I was able to put this new WordPress 4.3.1 version on the website, whereas before this I could only use version 3 or something using the intallers that the web host provided. But, being a web developer has its perks every now and then…